Your donation makes a crucial difference for the children in Namibia. At Conambiki, every donated euro directly benefits the projects and, consequently, the children.

We extend our thanks to our generous donors who help us to create positive change. As a nonprofit organization, all donations to Conambiki are tax-deductible. Upon request, we are happy to specify exactly how your donation will be used. To receive a donation receipt, please send us an email at or include your (email) address in the payment reference of your transfer.

Donation account

Conambiki e.V.
IBAN: DE92 7109 0000 0001 8569 01
Bank: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Oberbayern Südost


* For donations via PayPal, where you cannot select the option "Private" or "For friends and family", a fee of 0.35€ + 1.5% of the payment will be deducted directly by PayPal. If you want to make sure that we receive the full amount, simply make the donation as a bank transfer to the bank account mentioned above. However, we do not want to keep you from using PayPal as an alternative. We appreciate every donation.

Further information on our donations page.

Become a Supporting Member!

Become an essential part of our Conambiki community. As a supporting member, you assist us with a regular donation of €35/year. Furthermore, you have no further obligations. We are pleased to keep our supporting members updated through our quarterly newsletter. Supporting members form the foundation of our association, enabling us to predictably plan for donations, the important basis for our long-term projects.

Simply fill out the supporting membership application, send it to us via email or post, and collaborate with us to make small and large projects in Namibia happen.

Become a Kindergarten Sponsor!

With a self-chosen contribution between €5 and €50 per month, you secure the future of our kindergarten. As a kindergarten sponsor, you will regularly receive updates from the kindergarten (if you want to). Learn more about this special project that nurtures children and facilitates education in the village of Shighuru on the “Kindergarten Sponsorships Shighuru” page.

Our goal is to recruit enough sponsors by December 2024 to sustainably cover the monthly operating costs of the kindergarten at €650. Download our sponsorship agreement here, specify your monthly donation amount, and send it back to us via email or post. We and the children of Shighuru say thank you.

Join the Conambiki Team!

We always welcome reinforcements to our team! Attend our biweekly online meetings and participate in vital decisions regarding our projects. Connect with our partners on-site or take on numerous roles in association management, social media marketing, or fundraising. Look forward to our in-person meetings, where we shape our association's vision and visualize our future projects. Our flyers detail the current positions we need in our team. Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of our listings. If there isn't a suitable position for you, don't hesitate to reach out anyway! We're always open to dedicated individuals eager to contribute their skills and ideas.

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