Community Center

Rundu, 2022 & 2023

"It's all about the community!"

Grundstückmauer im Aufbau
Bauarbeiten am Community Center
Eingangsbereich der Suppenküche
Fertige Mauer um das Grundstück
Begehung des Geländes durch die Bauleitung
Rohbau der Suppenküche
Bepflanzung auf dem Gelände
Suppenküchengebäude ohne Photovoltaikanlage
Suppenküchengebäude von außen
Bauphase 1 abgeschlossen
Wassertanks des Community Centers
Zukunftspläne für die Gesamtanlage

With the title “Place of togetherness”, the community centre project stands for overcoming contrasts and inequalities, bringing young and old together and promoting their individual talents.

With the community centre in Rundu, Namibia, we have created a place that offers community and retreat, ensures the basic needs of local people and aims to strengthen the individual talents of young people. Children and young adults from financially disadvantaged areas of the city in particular are the target group of the community centre.

Construction was completed in September 2023 and we are delighted that our local project partner, the local non-profit organisation Ithemba, is bringing the community centre to life. With the completion of construction, we have handed over the management of the centre to Ithemba to ensure that the Community Centre is run in the best interests of the local community. We therefore consider the project to be completed from our side, but are happy to support Ithemba at any time in the further development of the centre. It is important to us that we do not run the Community Centre as a foreign organisation, but place it in local hands.


The project in numbers


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Local Partners

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Chanteller, Member of Ithemba Charity Group
Ithemba Charity Group

Non-profit association from Rundu


Here is the location of our community center

  • Rundu, Namibia

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