Annettes Soupkitchen

Otjiwarongo, since 2021

"Annette is our superhero!" - Kathrin Buchner, 2nd board member of Conambiki

Annette and her husband serving food
Children eating together in the soup kitchen
Pap with meat and sauce
Child with Pap
Annette and her husband in front of the soup kitchen sign
Washing hands before eating
Soup kitchen building in Annette's garden
Entrance decoration of the soup kitchen
Kettle for cooking on fire
Annette serving the food
Gate to the soup kitchen
Learning and reading together in the soup kitchen

Annette's Soup Kitchen is a vibrant project in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, dedicated to supporting children in difficult circumstances. This initiative was started by the dedicated Namibian Annette. Two times a week she cooks hot meals for children in need in her backyard and offers them a protected space to play, learn and spend time together.


The project in numbers



2 times a week

Hot meals

200 €/month

Running costs

Local Partners

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Annette smiling into the camera

Founder of Annette's Soup Kitchen


Annette's soup kitchen is located here

  • Otjiwarongo: Town with 28,000 inhabitants, about 250 km from the capital Windhoek.

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